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The Language of Islamophobia in Internet Articles

TitleThe Language of Islamophobia in Internet Articles
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMohideen, H, Mohideen, S
Start Page73
Keywordsinternet, Islamophobia, language, Muslims, political Islam, religion

Islamophobia, the hatred for and fear of Islam and Muslims, manifests
itself in physical, political, cultural, linguistic and other forms. From the
linguistic perspective, many words have been coined to perpetuate prejudices
against Muslims and their religion. Expressions are freely used to associate
Islam, which means “peace” in Arabic, with concepts and actions which the
religion and practising Muslims do not approve of, much less condone.
Expressions such as Islamic terrorism, Islamic fanaticism, Muslim extremists,
Islamist and political Islam have been used pejoratively. To strike fear and
misgivings in the minds of many Europeans, the British capital has even been
mischievously called “Londonistan” by anti-Muslim elements. Known
Islamophobic items taken from Internet articles need to be analysed to respond
objectively to linguistic Islamophobia