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The "Third Spaces" of Digital Religion

TitleThe "Third Spaces" of Digital Religion
Publication TypeManuscript
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHoover, S, Echchaibi, N
Collection TitleFinding Religion in the Media: Work in Progress on the Third Spaces of Digital Religion
Library/ArchiveCenter for Media, Religion and Culture
CityUniversity of Colorado
KeywordsDigital, Digital Religion, Negotiation, New Media, power, Research, Third Spaces

The emergence of new modes of digital communicative practice has had both lay and
scholarly discourses struggling to adapt. The descriptive challenge is, indeed, a formidable one
as the range and depth of emergent implications in technology, society, culture, and practice
continues to develop. The trajectories that flow out of "the digital" into individual, social, and
cultural space seem nearly limitless in extent and scope, at the same time that many voices are
urging caution in expecting or claiming too much for these practices