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The Irish Catholic Church and the Internet

TitleThe Irish Catholic Church and the Internet
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMaignant, C
JournalNew Hibernia Review
Type of Articleacademic
KeywordsCatholic Church, internet

Nevertheless, in spite of resistances and initial smiles, the internet has become more than a key communication channel for the Catholic church; it has, in the minds of many, become a potential transformational force. Numerous commentators have suggested that the impact of the digital age on religion is likely to be as revolutionary as the invention of the printing press.6 The medium is in a position to influence the language of the church, the nature of its interactions with the faithful, and its very understanding of time and space. The official discourse remains that regardless of the medium in which the church delivers its message, the fundamental message does not change. But this question, too, is up for discussion, especially as the church is unable to control the matrix of online culture. For now, it appears that the Catholic church is merely seeking to seize the opportunities provided by the new digital age and respond to its challenges, while continuing to carry out out its traditional mission and trying to restore confidence in itself as an institition.