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The Irish Catholic Church and the Internet

TitleThe Irish Catholic Church and the Internet
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMaignant, C
JournalNew Hibernia Review
KeywordsCatholic Church, internet, Irish

In an article about the current state of the Catholic church in Ireland published in an Italian Jesuit magazine in 2017, the former Irish provincial Gerry O'Hanlon wrote that the challenge for the Irish church today was "to re-awaken the need for salvation and the Good News of the Gospels within a culture which experiences no such need."1 Back in 2004, another Jesuit, writing in the Review of Ignatian Spirituality, had already warned that "effective advertising and marketing" were crucial" to "develop a fresh image" of the Catholic church, one that would be more likely to "capture the imagination of [its] customers."2 The emergence and growth of the church's digital strategy in Ireland must be understood against this background, as one of many attempts to avoid becoming what Archbishop Diarmuid Martin once called "an irrelevant minority culture.