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The Logics of the Media and the Mediatized Conditions of Social Interaction

TitleThe Logics of the Media and the Mediatized Conditions of Social Interaction
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsHjarvard, S
Book TitleMedia Logic(s) Revisited
Series Volume Transforming Communications – Studies in Cross-Media Research
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan, Cham
media, mediatized, social interaction

The notion of ‘media logics’ is useful for understanding the processes of mediatization and the ways in which media come to influence communication and social interaction in various domains of society. Media logics are the combined technological, aesthetic, and institutional modus operandi of the media and logics may in a general sociological vocabulary be understood as the rules and resources that govern a particular institutional domain. Media logics do‚ however‚ rarely exert their influence in isolation. We need to consider the media’s influence on an aggregate level and not only at the level of the individual media and its particular logics. Mediatization involves cultural and social processes in which logics of both media and other institutions are interacting and adapting to each other and through these processes a particular configuration of logics are established within an institutional domain. Such configurations condition, but do not determine communication and social interaction. Within a particular institution such as politics or education‚ the available media repertoire inserts various dynamics to communication and social interaction‚ and these dynamics represent the mediatized conditions of communication and social interaction.
Book Editors

Thimm C., Anastasiadis M., Einspänner-Pflock J