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Introduction: Situating Dynamics of Mediatization

TitleIntroduction: Situating Dynamics of Mediatization
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsDriessens, O, Hjarvard, S
Book TitleDynamics Of Mediatization
Number of Volumes1-8
Series VolumeTransforming Communications – Studies in Cross-Media Research
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan, Cham

In the introduction to this volume, we set out why it is important to focus on dynamics of mediatization and how this contributes to the study of media-related social change. We stress that to fully understand dynamics of change, mediatization should be studied in interrelation with other meta-processes, such as commercialization or politicization. Furthermore, also the contexts of change need to be taken seriously, in terms of field(s) of analysis, space and geography, as well as in terms of time, thereby avoiding so-called epochalist thinking.
Book Editors

Driessens O., Bolin G., Hepp A., Hjarvard S.