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Rethinking Transforming Communications: An Introduction

TitleRethinking Transforming Communications: An Introduction
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsHepp, A, Breiter, A, Hasebrink, U
Book TitleCommunicative Figurations
Series Volume Transforming Communications – Studies in Cross-Media Research
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan, Cham
Communication, mediatization

This chapter introduces the contributions to this volume in three stages. First, it is argued that when considering the present stage of deep mediatization, it is insufficient to concentrate solely on the media as such: one also has to consider how communication transforms with changing media. It is by virtue of the change in human communicative practices together with other social practices that processes of social construction change. This is what is called transforming communications. Second, the chapter outlines why it is helpful to take a figurational approach for researching such transforming communications. The term figuration goes back to Norbert Elias, who used it to describe structured interrelations between humans. However, for the analysis in question, it is extended to reflect questions of communication. Finally, this introduction provides an overview of the arguments presented in the following chapters.
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Hepp A., Breiter A., Hasebrink U