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From Jesus to the Internet: A History of Christianity and Media

TitleFrom Jesus to the Internet: A History of Christianity and Media
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDetweiler, C
JournalChristian Scholar's Review
KeywordsChristianity, internet, Jesus, media

The title, From Jesus to the Internet, summarizes the range of his study, while the subtitle, History of Christianity and Media, describes the substance. Horsfield connects key turning points in ecclesial history with the major communication shifts of each era, from oral to written, from print through digital. While church histories may focus on the dogma being debated, Horsfield suggests that those who marshaled media most effectively usually won the ideological war. This highly readable text has implications and applications to classes in religion, theology, history, and communication. Horsfield offers a clear and succinct overview of his methodology in the introduction. He adopts a broad definition of both religion and media, approaching Christianity as "a complex and expanding mediated phenomenon, a constant creative reproduction and rhetorical reworking of Jesus to match the conditions of an ever-expanding set of constantly changing circumstances"