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Spiritual News:Reporting Religion Around the World

TitleSpiritual News:Reporting Religion Around the World
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCohen, Y
PublisherPeter Lang Publishers
CityNew York



Reporting Religion Around the World

Yoel Cohen (editor)

The media's coverage of religion is an important question for academic researchers, given the central role which news media play in ensuring that people are up-to-date with religion news developments.

Not only is there a lack of treatment of the subject in other countries, but there is also the absence of comparative study on news and religion. A key question is how the media, the political system, the religions themselves, the culture, and the economy influence how religion is reported in different countries. The book SPIRITUAL NEWS: Reporting Religion around
the World is intended to fill this gap.

The book is divided into six parts: an introductory section;
the newsgathering process; religion reporting in different regions; media events concerning religion; political and social change and the role of religion news; future trends.


Part A: Introduction

Yoel Cohen: Religion News in the Twenty-First Century

1. Stewart Hoover: Religion and the News in the Age of Media Change

Part B: Newsgathering

2. Joyce Smith, Foreign News: the "Religion Story"

3. Yoel Cohen, The Religion Reporter

4. Miriam Diez Biesch, The Vaticanologists: Covering the Holy See

5. Tim Hutchings, Digital Futures of Religion Journalism

6. Daniel Stout, Convergence, Digital Media, and the Paradigm Shift in Religion News Coverage in the United States

Part C: Regional Patterns

7. Victor Khroul, Religion and News Media in Post-Soviet Russia.

9. Magali do Nascimento Cunha, Religious Exclusivism and Roman Catholicism in Brazilian News Media

10. Walter C Ihejirika and Andrew D Dewan, Development Journalism & Religion Reporting: The Nigerian Case

11. Keval Kumar, Reporting Religion in Indian News Media: Hindu Nationalism, `Reconversions' and the Secular State

12. Qingjiang Yao & Zhaoxi Liu, Media and Religion in China: Publicizing Gods Under the Atheist Governance

PART D: Media Events

13. Giulia Evolvi, Habemus Papas: Pope Francis' Election as a Religious Media Event

14. Leo Eko, The Argument of Force Versus the Force of Argument: the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack as a Global Meta Event

PART E: The Influence of Religion Reporting

15. Noha Mellor, Religious Ideologies and News Ethics: the case of Saudi Arabia

16. Haryati Abdul Karim, Sinners or Alternative Identities? Contrasting Discourses on LGBT Communities in Two Malaysian Daily Newspapers

16. Yoel Cohen, Holy Days, News Media, and Religious Identity: A Case Study in Jewish Holy Days and the Israeli Press and News Websites

PART F:The Impact of New Media upon Religion

19. Lorenzo Cantoni, Daniel Arasa & Juan Narbona, The Catholic Church and Twitter

18.Christian Bourret and Karim Fraoua, Religion, Social Media and Societal Changes: The Case of "Marriage for All" in France.

19. Babak Rahimi, Internet News, Media Technologies, and Islam: the Case of Shafaqna