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Prayer, Pop and Politics: Researching Religious Youth in Migration Society

TitlePrayer, Pop and Politics: Researching Religious Youth in Migration Society
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLimacher, K, Mattes, A, Novak, C
Series TitleV&r Unipress

This interdisciplinary volume presents research at the intersection of religion, age and race and tackles the question what it is like to be young and religious in a migration society. The chapters' foci range from digital and offline activism of religious youth to participatory action research projects on radicalisation prevention. The authors present research on various religious traditions, and apply an array of different theoretical angles including feminist, post- and de-colonial perspectives. In going one step further, the volume engages in the debate over novel conceptual frameworks attuned to investigate contemporary manifestations of youth religiosity, for example in digital spaces. The methodological chapters strongly advocate for reflexivity in the context of empirical research on religion in migration society. In discussing the implications of insider and outsider positions in research, as well as researchers' privileges and the challenges in concept operationalization, it promotes a self-evaluative assessment of researchers' positionalities.