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Mediated Conflict: Shiite Heroes Combating ISIS in Iraq and Syria

TitleMediated Conflict: Shiite Heroes Combating ISIS in Iraq and Syria
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAl‐Rawi, A, Jiwani, Y
JournalCommunication, Culture & Critique

This article analyzes a number of Shiite media productions in Iraq in order to investigate the significance of heroism and religious symbols during a time of heightened sectarian tension. Many of the popular heroes and symbols discussed here have direct and indirect connotations that extend beyond the national boundaries of individual countries, especially since the regional sectarian conflict is very dominant. The article relies on YouTube videos and screenshots taken from a variety of sources and argues that these symbols, heroes, and media productions play an important role in propagating popular political and religious beliefs that contribute toward the solidification of a distinctly Iraqi Shiite Ummah identity whose shared values demarcate them from the rest of the society.