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'Imaging Religious Identity: Intertextual Play among Postmodern Christian Bloggers'

Title'Imaging Religious Identity: Intertextual Play among Postmodern Christian Bloggers'
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsTeusner, PE
JournalSpecial Issue on Aesthetics and the Dimensions of the Senses

Recent years have seen a growing interest in the research of religious content in online social media, including web logs, file sharing networks such as YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. While much attention has been paid to the creation of media texts for the Web, their audiences and usage, little has been given to the aesthetic dimension. For the Internet is a medium for the communication of not just literal text, but also aural and visual text. All information found on computer screens is framed by visual design, according to the affordances give to users by the technology. Drawing from my PhD study of Australian bloggers involved in the ‘emerging church’ movement,1 I intend to show how the blogosphere has become more than an alternative space for religious discourse. In the design of personal web pages, use of colour schemes, templates and captioned images, these bloggers find a vehicle for the ongoing construction of religious identity in the formation of an aesthetic style.