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Religion and technology: refiguring place, space, identity and community

TitleReligion and technology: refiguring place, space, identity and community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKong, L
Date PublishedJuly 2001
Keywordscommunity, cyberspace, place, religion, space, technology

This paper reviews the literature on the religion–technology nexus, drawing up a research agenda and offering preliminary empirical insights. First, I stress the need to explore the new politics of space as a consequence of technological development, emphasizing questions about the role of religion in effecting a form of religious (neo)imperialism, and uneven access to techno-religious spaces. Second, I highlight the need to examine the politics of identity and community, since cyberspace is not an isotropic surface. Third, I underscore the need to engage with questions about the poetics of religious community as social relations become mediated by technology. Finally, I focus on questions about the poetics of place, particularly the technological mediation of rituals.