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Cybernaughts Awake

TitleCybernaughts Awake
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1999
Authorsof Archbishop’s Council, CE
InstitutionChurch House Publishing
Keywordscyber, internet

The Church of England Board for Social Responsibility has the task of helping the Church to engage in critical debate with contemporary society. Developments in Information Technology have changed our lives in numerous ways. As the twentieth century draws to a close there can be little doubt that we have only just begun to appreciate the extent to which our social, economic and cultural life is being transformed. The board's Science, Medicine and Technology Committee proposed in 1996 that the board should commission a working party to set out some of the ethical and spiritual implications of these extraordinary developments. We are grateful to Professor Derek Burke and his colleagues for the hard work that they have put into the task of producing this report. Cybernauts Awake! is not the sort of title usually associated with the report of a working party commissioned by the Church. The style of the report is deliberately informal. It does not seek to present an official Church view. Rather, it tries to set out as clearly and fairly as possible some of the issues that we all need to be thinking about. It will have served its purpose if it encourages its readers to think - particularly if they read it on the Internet!