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An Orthodox wide network over the Internet for the lesson of religion

TitleAn Orthodox wide network over the Internet for the lesson of religion
Publication TypeUnpublished
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAikonen, R
Series TitleOrthodoxy and Education: The Lesson on Religion as a Subject of Identity and Culture
Date PublishedMay 2004
CityVolos, Greece
Keywordsinternet, network, religion

Adapting the Orthodox view of education, “taste and see” (Schmemann 1974) to the Internet is quite difficult, because there is a lack of dimensions, interactivity and emotional life in its hole range. So, for a theologian it is not such a big a surprise, if ICT in Religious Education does not pay itself as it perhaps does according to the advocates of the business world. This is because the Orthodox view of Christian education differs from the learning and teaching theories. In spite of all these sceptical thoughts presented above there is no absolute reason to abandon or avoid the Internet in the R.E. The Internet connects people and helps them to share something that is common to them. At its best the www-material supports a deeper understanding of the same substance and paves the way for wider and mutual understanding concerning the Religious teaching and Religious life, and the situation of the Church in different kind of societies (minority-majority position of the Orthodoxy).