NMRDC turns 1 and celebrates with a giveaway

A year ago the Network for New Media Religion and Digital Culture Studies was officially launched. Since that time the network and the resources it provides continues to grow. Over 100 scholars have joined the network, and the scholar's index is becoming a hub for researchers, students and even media professionals seeking to connect with people doing innovative work on specific topics related to new media and religion. Over 400 entries have been added to the searchable online bibliography, which offers access to the most up-to-date collection of current literature in this emerging subfield. In the coming year we plan to expand the researcher's toolbox resource collection and offer a new blog series reviewing key literature in the field.

To celebrate this milestone the Network for New Media Religion and Digital Culture Studies will be running a giveaway of a copy of the recently released "Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds" (Routledge 2012). All new members or current members who contribute to the site in some way (i.e. adding a news item or a bibliography entry, etc.) between now and 28 Feb 2013 will be eligible for a drawing of a free copy of this text.

Thanks again for your involvement and support of this initative! We also welcome comments and recommendation of how we can further improve our resources, just contact us at digitalreligion@tamu.edu.