Guide to the Network Website


An overview of network, those involved and our mission is detailed here.


Essential to the network is an interactive bibliography. This provides a searchable list of useful books, articles, reports and other sources complied by researchers on specific topics related to religion and new media. Network members are also able to add resources and information of their own publications on these topics here


This page provides a Who’s Who guide and information on scholars engaged in studying religion and new media. The hope is that this space will be come a hub helping people connect with those working on similar topics or with similar interests. Network members are encouraged to add their profile.


The blog offers summaries and commentary on recent research reports, news coverage, studies and findings related to the study of new media, religion and digital culture. Contact us if you would be interested in being a guest blogger.


This section provides an up-to-date account of the latest CFPs, conferences and publication related to the intersection of religion and digital culture. Members are invited to add relevant information here.


To connect with other relevant online resources, research centers and information on grants relevant to new media and religion scholars, check out our links section.


Want to get more involved? Got a question or resource recommendation? Have any comments or insightful remarks that would make the site an even better networking and resource environment? Check out here for how to connect.