Australian Journal of Communication looks at Re-Placing Religion in Media Discourse

Australian Journal of Communication's special issue on Re-Placing Religion (June 2012)

The introductory essay by Peter Horsfield argues that the current resurgence of religion in contemporary culture goes beyond just traditional institutions flexing their muscles or rejuvenating their media practices - it reflects a significant reworking of religion within the media marketplace. New religious entrepreneurs are using new media effectively to build global audiences with packages of branded religious and secular content that ignore old religious loyalties and sensibilities and cross previously defined boundaries of sacred and secular. This special issue examine this convergent media-religious-cultural landscape and offers a range of responses to this new terrain. It specifically offers several interesting articles on religion online. This includes Tim Hutchings exploration of Evangelicals use of online videos for digital storytelling (;dn=775177112022985;res=IELHSS), Francois Gauthier & Uhl Magali's investigation of the Vatican Online and Amr Khaled's online preaching (;dn=775139846080469;res=IELHSS) and Anne Alyn's exploration of religious extremism online (;dn=775009415281661;res=IELHSS).

More information found about the full issue can be found at:;py=2012;vol=39