Digital Media

Good Reads: "Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds"

"Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds" (Campbell, 2013) offers a comprehensive guide for new students or current scholars interested in studying how religion is lived and experienced in online environments. The book, which is broken up into three sections, explores salient themes in the study of religion and new media, provides examples of recent case studies involving new media while focusing on a variety of religions, and concludes with a frank discussion about the theoretical, ethical, and theological concerns involved in studying digital religion.

Final Thoughts: International Conference on Digital Religion, 2012

Many thanks to Drs. Stewart M. Hoover, Nabil Echchaibi, and everyone involved with the Center for Media, Religion, and Culture for hosting such a fantastic conference! As should be the case, I left Boulder with a full notebook and a buzzing brain, ready to return to my dissertation work with fresh insights on a number of topics. However, the one concept that has remained in the forefront of my mind since my first session on Friday is that of authenticity.

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