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Scholar’s Top 5: Gregory Price Grieve on Buddism in Virtual Worlds

My book Digital Zen: Buddhism, Virtual Worlds and the New Economy will be published by Routledge in 2013. The impetus for the book was when I first logged on to Second Life in October 2007 and found myself sitting in full lotus position, meditating next to a bear. The “bear,” like me, was currently logged onto Second Life, a 3D interactive world of over 20 million residents in which users interact with one another through animated avatars. He might have been in same room, or on another continent.

Research from the Trenches: Chris Helland on studying Virtual Tibet

6 am comes early when you are jetlagged. I had arrived in Dharamsala, India the afternoon of March 7 with the hope of attending a teaching on the Jataka Tales and an “empowerment ceremony” from the Dalai Lama on the morning of March 8. My goal was to experience the teaching and ritual first hand and then examine its online representations to assess the overall differences between the experiences.

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