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University of Leeds
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Jasjit Singh has completed a PhD at the University of Leeds, examining the transmission of Sikhism among young British Sikhs (18–30). The focus of his research is on understanding how young British Sikhs learn about Sikhism and how new methods of learning (including camps, Sikh societies, and the internet) relate to the traditional learning which takes place inside religious institutions (gurdwaras). His research methods included the implementation of the first large scale online survey for young British Sikhs which elicted over 600 responses. He has published the article “Head First: Young British Sikhs, Hair and the Turban” ( Journal of Contemporary Religion , 2010) a chapter on British Sikh Camps and a chapter containing details of the evolution of the online presence of Sikhism titled 'Global Sikh-ers: Transnational learning practices of young British Sikhs' in Myrvold and Jacobsen (eds) 'Sikhs Across Borders' published by Contiuum.
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