Lynn Schofield Clark

University of Denver
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I am Associate Professor and Director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media at the University of Denver, and I am an interpretive feminist sociologist who studies the role of communication media in social change. My most recent book is Parenting in a Digital Age (Oxford UP, 2012), which focuses on how parents in middle class and lower income families experience differing risks and anxieties in relation to the digital and mobile media in their children's lives. I'm also author of From Angels to Aliens: Teenagers, the Media, and the Supernatural (Oxford UP, 2005), coauthor of Media, Home, & Family (Routledge, 2004), editor of Religion, Media, and the Marketplace (Rutgers UP, 2007), and coeditor of Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media (2007). I will serve as the Conference Host for the 2013 meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers, and am currently Vice Chair of the International Society for the Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture and Co-Chair of the Religion, Media, and Culture group of the American Academy of Religion.
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