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University of Bucharest, College of Journalism and Communication
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Mihai Coman (mcoman53@yahoo.com) the Dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies within the University of Bucharest, being considered the founder of journalism and communication education in Romania. In 2009 he was granted the Order of Cultural Merit, Romania’s highest civilian award, for his contribution to the development of journalism and communication education in Romania. In 2003, as a synthesis of his effort to understand mass media through anthropological frames, he published with Presses Universitaires de Grenoble Pour une anthropologie des medias, and in 2005 he co-edited (with Eric Rothenbuhler) the pathbreaking reader Media Anthropology at Sage Publ. He has also published 8 books in anthropology and several volumes on journalism. He was visiting professor in Canada, France, Germany and US and he has published his studies in Celebrity Studies, Communication Yearbook, Ethnographie francaise, ESSACHES, Journalism Studies, Reseaux, Trends in Communication etc. In his recent researches he investigates the role of religion in the creation of off and online public space(s), the mediatisation of religion, the role of media in the manufacturing of (new) forms of sacrality and the construction of religious meanings through users interactions on new and social media.
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