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University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
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Studied sociology, study of religion and archaeology in Bonn, Ph.D. on the idea of immortality in digital media (posthumanism / transhumanism) in the study of religion, 2002-2005 research fellow at Heidelberg University (on the online ritual discourse in German neopaganism), 2005-2007 visiting research fellow / lecturer at Princeton University on alternative US-funeral culture, since 2007 professor for the study of Religion at Fribourg University (Switzerland), 2011 habilitaion ("second book") on problems and perspectives of media research in the study of religion and sociology of knowledge, since 2011 president of the Swiss Society for the Study of religion. Editing the series "Religion und Medien" at transcript publishing house. Major publications: Die mediale Religion. Probleme und Perspektiven religionswissenschaftlicher und wissenssoziologischer Medienforschung. Reihe Religion und Medien (Bd.1), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2012 (520 p.) Virtualität und Unsterblichkeit. Die Visionen des Posthumanismus. Rombach Wissenschaft, Reihe Litterae (Bd. 123), Rombach Verlag, Freiburg 2004 (459 p.) Gaia, God, and the Internet. The History of Evolution and the Utopia of Community in Media Society. In: Numen – International Review for the History of Religion 54 (2/2007), S. 138-173
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