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Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary
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Andok Mónika is the chair of Departmentof Communication Studies at Pázmány Péter University (Budapest/Hungary). She studied at József Attila University (Szeged), and received her MA in Hungarian and History in 1995 and MA in Communication and Media Studies in 1997. Then she attended the Social Communication Doctoral Program at University of Pécs, and earned her PhD in 2006 (summa cum laude). Her dissertation focused on the history of news as media genre. The revised version of her thesis was published as a monograph in 2013 (The History of News - ISBN 978-963-236-625-8). Her field of research is the media theories, with special interest in media genres and social media. She has taught various courses on Mediagenres, Computer Mediated Communication, Interpersonal and Group Communication at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE/PPCU). She has been working at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, PPCU, since 2009, as a full-time lecturer. She is a founder member of the Hungarian Communication Studies Association. She is a corporative member of 1th Section of Linguistics and Literary Scholarship (Commettee on Linguistics) of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. http://mta.hu/koztestuleti_tagok?PersonId=10048216 Her publications in MTMT (Register of Hungarian Academic Publications) available https://vm.mtmt.hu/www/index.php Contact: andok.monika@btk.ppke.hu
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