Ming-Yeung Cheung

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Fu Jen Catholic University
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With my religious studies and technical background (PhD in theology and 8 years of experience as an electronic engineer), I am interested in the deployment of technology to help the study of religion and theology. I am currently involved in project of building a digital archive of the work of the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. My doctoral research focused on how a deeper understanding of meaning and action could help Christians to practice their faith in society. Moreover, in dialogue with hermeneutics, I studied the ecumenical community of Taizé in France and its founder Brother Roger concerning their practice of the Christian faith and social engagement. Due to my immediate context of the Hong Kong society and my Protestant Methodist background, I am particularly interested in the relationship between Christian praxis and the interpretation of the Scripture as well as other Christian texts. Besides the oeuvre of Ricoeur, I am also interested in crossings that can generate conversations between theology and other disciplines, in particular, art and literature; postcolonial, gender and cultural studies; science and technology; politics and economy.
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