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North Carolina Central University
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I am presently a graduate student at North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC) working on a master's in instructional technology in the School of Education. I am in the last stages of my study--writing my thesis. I plan to conduct research the use of emerging technologies as a pedagogical tool to facilitate connection, compassion, and community within a small church community. I am in the initial stages of research at this point. I became quite interested in the intersection between new media and religion when my pastor recently asked me to help our church figure out how to use technology to build a strong church community. I am also a full-time Teacher Coach with Durham Public Schools where I support teachers in years 1-3 of their teaching career. Before becoming a coach, my journey has always connected my faith, teaching, communication, and young adults. I was a high school teacher in English/Language Arts, Youth Development Coordinator, and Editor for over twenty years.
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